Oh-no!    Some history   booooring...

dEUS was founded in the summer of 1993 by dgt, nEC, fm and gotcha. We were all quite interested in demos, intros etc. so we thought we could form a similar group and do some stuff... At that time however no one could do something decent, so we didn't release anything until one year later.

In the meantime emc joined as a coder and moT as a musician, and we started working on our dentro Anodyne, released early in the summer of '94. In August we attended the Assembly '94 demo party. After that, things got quiet for a while, until the release of Overflow #1 in early 1995, a demo/music/graphics oriented disk magazine in Greek language.

A lot of time was then devoted in the organization of Gardening '95, which took place in Patras in late April. The Pink'n'Silly intro was being developed before and during the party and it was finally finished some time later. The plans for the summer were to attend Assembly '95 with an intro contribution. Production begun two weeks earlier and was finished at the party place, some seconds before deadline. The name of the intro was FruitCake.

From then to late summer 1996, we were almost inactive due to personal reasons. Things changed, though: Gardening '96 had been announced some months before, and the date was set from 30th August to 1st September. Organization was fast and exhausting, demo production was moving slowly, but this time, there were no errors. dEUS won the demo competition with The Rhythm Is Rough, as well as the wild demo competition with Macarona. The latter was concieved, tracked, drawn, asmed and synchronized at the partyplace in just 2 hours and is yet the fastest dEUS production ever.

Last updated 09/08/2001.